I'm an independent game developer living in Cracow, Poland. Born in 1987, graduated from Jagiellonian University in 2010. Former gameplay programmer at Polish game studio Tate Interactive.



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Oozi progressing well, as well as other stuff

Saturday 22 January 2011 at 02:37 am I have recently mentioned that I joined an artist and started working on a project that's already two years into development. Well, my last few weeks were full of development and the progress is significant. It already runs on my Xbox, I managed to optimize loading time and remove frame rate drops to near-zero, add menus, integrate particle system, fix a couple of more or less significant bugs, record a trailer and write some press releases. If things go well the first episode of the game should be ready sometime in February. You can check Oozi's Development Blog for updates if you're interested with the game.

Meanwhile I asked my friends to do some beta-testing for Amazing Zombie Defense on PC and it looks that it might be released on Desura by the end of January. I also exchanged some e-mails with Direct2Drive, but I'm still not sure if they'll decide to distribute the game. If you'd like to join the beta-tests send me an e-mail (madras/AT/madras/DOT/pl).

Amazing Zombie Defense is doing pretty well on Windows Phone 7 - its average user rating is near 7/10, and on Top Downloads it's ranked #60 out of over 1000 games (including Xbox Live WP7 games), but it doesn't mean that actual sales are good. It seems that there are just too few devices to make WP7 development profitable. I'll stick with Xbox Live Indie Games and PC for now, or maybe do an iPhone or Android port if I find some spare time.