I'm an independent game developer living in Cracow, Poland. Born in 1987, graduated from Jagiellonian University in 2010. Former gameplay programmer at Polish game studio Tate Interactive.



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Microsoft killed our release

Thursday 29 December 2011 at 3:38 pm I, Zombie is the game I mentioned in my previous entry. It was developed mostly by my brother Mariusz. I helped him a bit with programming and design, and Andrzej handled the art. It took over two months to develop and we released it on XBLIG on December 16th, here's what it looks like:

Sadly, Microsoft killed our release.

First, our game didn't appear on the first position on New Releases list - it popped up on #4 slot instead due to a technical issue on Microsoft's side. To make things worse, soon another couple games were released and the game was not even visible on the first page. As a result, during the first three days we got only 1600 trial downloads. Oozi Ep. 2 got over 4000 in its first three days and Avatar Fantasy RPG got over 4500. So we'd get at least three times more trial downloads if things were going normally (zombie games are very popular on XBLIG).

Second, Top Downloads list froze the same day we released the game. It "unstuck" four days later, and unfortunately it took into account only the last day of downloads data, when we were already pushed far off the first page of New Releases list. The game appeared on #40 slot.

Sadly, as a result of those two issues we're not going to make any significant money on the game, despite decent user rating (3,75/5) and great critic reviews (10/10 on XboxHornet.com, 9/10 on XBLARatings.com and 5/5 on Armless Octopus). We were even lucky enough to have the game mentioned on GameSpot.com and on IndieGames.com, but it didn't help much. Up until now we got only 3500 trials and 800 sales, which is way worse than any other game we ever released.

That's why right now we're busy porting the game to Unity. We're probably going to abandon XNA as soon as we finish Oozi.

Weekly Update #4

Monday 12 December 2011 at 10:22 pm Oops, it seems I missed my weekly post deadline... I have an excuse though - my Windows died last Thursday and I had to reinstall it. Spent lot of time restoring stuff, so not much progress this week.

I have some big news though. My brother has been working on his 2D zombie game over last two months and now it's nearly completed. We're going to release it on Xbox LIVE Indie Games this week. Stay tuned for more information.

Oozi Ep. 2 release summary

Saturday 03 December 2011 at 8:15 pm Today it's eighth day since the second episode was released. While we have no detailed sales information due to a failure on Microsoft's side, we can estimate that the number of sold copies is similar to the first episode. Average user rating is also similar and ranges from 3,75/5 in the US to 4,25/5 in the UK. However, critic ratings are significantly better - probably because we addressed most issues that were mentioned in the first episode's reviews.

Meanwhile I'm still working on the fourth episode. All story levels are ready are already implemented, all that is left is to create a boss fight and challenge levels. The fourth episode will be the last one and when it's done we will start working on PC release that will consist of all levels released episodically on XBLIG.

What will be my next project? Perhaps I will be able to tell you next week :).